10 tips to running an Instagram account for your property

4 months ago
10 tips to running an Instagram account for your property

You may have joined Instagram to document your life. Some of you may have opened an account on behalf of your pet but have you thought about an Instagram account purely for your property?  

This social media platform is proving a popular place for proud owners to tell their story – whether it’s the skilful renovation of a Victorian property, personalising a new build home or adding an ambitious extension.   

If you’re unfamiliar with this type of content but are intrigued, use Instagram’s search function to look for #myhousethismonth, #myrenostory, #the trichomes or #storyofmyhome.   

As well as providing inspiration for other homeowners, those who run property accounts can attract followers who may eventually become purchasers if the home ever needs to be sold.   

If you’re tempted to share your home on social media, we’ve got 10 tips to get you started.   

Post regularly: many people start on Instagram with every intention of creating daily content but they swiftly find it becomes a chore. Accounts are unfollowed or forgotten by the newsfeed if posts are not added on a regular basis, so be committed if you want to build a following.

Follow online tutorials to get the best from your ‘phone’s camera: Instagram is a highly visual platform, so quality photos and videos are a must. There are plenty of online tutorials full of tips on how to shoot interiors and create footage using an iPhone or Android device.

Take a variety of photos: what keeps a grid fresh and followers interested is a different take on the same thing. Think about snapping a room from different angles and take plenty of close ups of details too. 

Venture into video: Instagram offers four different ways to promote filmed footage: reels, in-feed videos, stories and live. Research shows videos can receive up to 21% more engagement than photos on Instagram, so go for it if you really want to increase your reach.

Add before & after photos: followers love to see how far a property has come, so capture plenty of ‘before and after’ photos. Don’t forget to take some progress shots too as people like to see the reality of what goes into DIY and redecoration. 

Share details & advice: posts that tend to perform well include ‘how to’ guides, cost breakdowns (renovation budgets for bathrooms, for instance) and ‘top 5 things we love’. Tagging products and suppliers not only helps followers replicate your style but also increases the post’s audience.

Hashtag to increase visibility: hashtags – when you put an # symbol in front of a relevant word or phrase – help people find accounts they might enjoy and follow like-minded people. For example, consider using #kitchenextenion #houserenovation, #victorianterrace or another phrase or that relates to your project when writing your posts.

Dedicate a post to your property sale: when the time comes to sell your home, be sure to create a post letting your followers know. Although many will just be interior design voyeurs, there may be a small percentage who may realistically buy the property from you. End the post with the name of your estate agent and their telephone number.

Include a link to the property listing: you’ll want to capture any interest from potential buyers, so include a link to the online property listing in the post. Don’t forget, any links added to Instagram captions need copying and pasting by the follower, so put the url in your bio at the top of your profile, where it will be clickable.

All enquiries should be directed to your estate agent: your comments section may be filled with people wanting to know about your home but owners are rarely equipped to deal with enquiries. The role of estate agents extends well beyond merely finding a buyer. Once someone is prepared to make an offer, their background, intentions and funds need to be verified – something an agent will do on a seller’s behalf.  

Of course, you can leave the promotion of a property for sale to us. Please get in touch to learn more about our approach to sales and marketing.

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